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FOX Business
Jan 12, 2013 12:00am EST
they are.e hear from citi and bank of america. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. well you probably heard about shell's grounded alaskan oil rig but did you know why it might have been moved, to avoid taxes. we'll drill down on those details. plus ditching the gas tax by the side of the road. virginia governor bob mcdonnell, wants his state's 17.5 cents gas tax gone for good but he wants to raise another tax instead. he will join us in a fox business exclusive to tell us how it all shakes out. >>> a landmark decision in the sports world. major league baseball will start random in season testing for steroids. will the help its tarnished image and bring in ticket sales? we have former cincinnati reds pitcher, rob dib bill. even what they say it is not it is always about money. melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks reversed early losses capping off the week with modest gains. the dow gained 17 points to close at its highest level since october 18th. investors were less anxious whether the vix, also known as the fea
FOX Business
Jan 19, 2013 12:00am EST
:00 a.m. l melissa: i melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. are no state income taxes the next big thing? feels like it. nebraska is the latest to consider ditching them for good. but unlike other recent proposals nebraska governor dave heineman says he is not going to raise other taxes to make up for it. hmmm. he will join us to explain just how that could possibly work coming up. >>> plus, an offer from the islamic militants holding two americans hostage in algeria. they will release them in exchange for two convicted terrorists currently in u.s. prisons. could attacks like this against oil and gas facilities become a new tactic in the war against terror? we'll hear from today's power panel. >>> we're shelling out big bucks for purell, flu shots, respiratory masks, tamiflu like there is no tomorrow and people are still getting sick in record numbers. drug companies may be profiting. are we just wasting our money? we'll get to the bottom line. even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: all right. first today's market moment. a slate of strong corpo
FOX Business
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
was better than last because it was colder. david: idiots, idiots, one word. thank you, gang. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. just when you think we're in the clear, congress reels us right back in. yes, there is finally fiscal cliff deal. now a brand new showdown looms over the debt ceiling. when will the madness end? we'll ask republican senator john barrasso. >>> plus a sperm donor being forced to pay child support. despite his signing away all parental rights before the baby was born. we'll look at money impact on the baby business everywhere. >>> and this picture will self-detruck in 10 seconds. the snap chat picture sharing app takes smartphones by storm. deletes content explicit or otherwise in just seconds after viewing it. or does it? how users could be literal caught with their pants down. we'll explain that one coming up. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: let's get right to a developing story right now. moody's rating agency just warning a short time ago that the fiscal cliff deal does not go far enough. moody's warni
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 12:00am EST
. consider o'reilly. i will see you january 26th. ashley: next is mony with france france. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here is what is mony tonight. the drop-dead date for. >>. >> taxpayers are wondering are you kidding aig? it is thanking america for the massive bailout but now it might join a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the u.s. government. we have the bizarre details on this one coming up. >>> i think i found my next vacation. people across the country are storming florida for a python hunting contest. sounds great. this might be the most insane competition in america. we have the star of gnat geowild's python hunters, joins us to explain. even when ey say it's not it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks fell for their second straight session. investors looked cautious preparing for the start of earnings season the dow shed 55 points. speaking of earnings, alcoa kicked off the fourth quarter earnings season after the bell. it beat expectations on revenue while meeting expectations on the bottom line. its shares a
FOX Business
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
the market tomorrow. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. al gore's current tv is no more. al-jazeera is buying the failing network for hundreds of millions of dollars. is it worth it? and will al-jazeera america turn the tv industry right on its head? >>> plus superstorm sandy victims still waiting for help while washington bellies up to fees on a giant pork sandwich. new york congresswoman carolyn maloney joins to us trim the fat on congress's $60 billion bill. >>> a pink slip blitz in the nfl. 1/5 of its coaches fired this week, fired! after getting lavish pay for awful play. who is next on the chopping block? former cincinnati bengal and fox radio host artrell hawkins is here with the inside scoop. even when they say it is not it is always about money melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. fed stimulus junkies got a bit of a rude awakening. fomc minutes released indicate the central bank may be ready to pull back on monetary stimulus measures by the end of this year, sooner than many investors anticipated. the news sent st
FOX Business
Jan 5, 2013 12:00am EST
.derful weekend. david: have a great weekend. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. a gun store misfire. one georgia dealer won't sell assault rifles to civilians and in response, the local police refuse to do business there anymore. the county sheriff is going to join us in just a second to explain why. >>> plus, are you happy about today's jobs numbers? good. then you won't mind at this rate it will take most of my life to get everyone back to work. today's "money" panel crunches the numbers. >>> thank you, america. a major ad bliss by aig gives thanks for its $182 billion bailout but reminding people you almost went belly-up seemslike an odd way increase business to me. we have a marketing guru here to break it all down. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks closed out a banner week, unexpect ledly strong nonmanufacturing activity and december jobs report coming in line with expectations. helped to boost t s&p 500 to a five-year high. it ared 4.6% for the week. that
FOX Business
Jan 24, 2013 5:00pm EST
.99. melissa: here's what is money tonight. professor and student reunite. i have wanted marty, my former economics professor since day one. he is finally here to talk about the g.o.p. plan to balance the budget in ten years. here's the question, why so long? we get to the bottom of it. i'm getting an "a." feels like the arctic tundra outside. there's mammoths walking down 6th avenue. now heating your home burns a hole in your wallet. a match not made in heaven. a woman finds a guy on, and then he tries to kill her. now she's suing match for $10 million. could this take down the online dating business even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." ♪ all right, the top story, the new plan by republicans to balance the budget within the next ten years, what a novel idea. i would be floored except i cannot understand why it's going to take ten years to get it done. it doesn't take an economics degree from harvard to know you shouldn't spend more money than you make. here to break it down is the most fabulous, yes, in the universe, my harvard economics professor. i don't
FOX Business
Jan 24, 2013 12:00am EST
investment services company." melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. the keystone xl pipeline is one step closer to approval thanks to nebraska's governor. now the fate rests in president obama's hands as pressure on both sides ramps up. north dakota senator john hoeven joins us and why the president can't wait to say yes. >>> golf stars unite. tiger woods feels phil mickelson's pain on california's taxes. with taxes spiking the rich are fleeing for the borders. how much can the state take from the wealthy before there is nothing left? today's "money" power panel weighs in. >> didn't think new york apartments could get any smaller? oh how wrong you are. micro apartment are coming to the big apple. could the miniature spaces bring big profits to the developers and will they spread to more cities? one of the architects is here with the details. even when they say it's not, it's always about money. melissa: first let's look at the day's market headlines and today's market moment. the beat goes on for the bulls. strong earnings from the likes of ibm, and google helped giv
FOX Business
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm EST
-800-345-2550 and open an account, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 now with no trade minimums. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. nearly half of all americans are one emergency away from financial ruin. that is a scary statistic. could hit closer to home than you might think. today's power panel takes us through it. >>> plus, how far would you go in the name of marketing? one super bowl ad contest will send 22 winners into space. but would make you buy the brand? i don't know. the man behind the out of this world campaign joins us exclusively with the details. >>> ever wanted to know what your coworkers make? one company makes finding that info as easy as a click of the mouse of the does actually seeing everyone's salaries boost morale or breed resentment? the ceo is here with this game-changing strategy. even when they say it's not, it is always about "money". melissa: so forget the debt ceiling for a moment. we're just one month away from march 1st. that is the budget sequestration deadline. if congress fails to agree on specifically where to cut $85 billion, we're looking at automati
FOX Business
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm EST
one dollar can make. david: an amazing guy. "money" with melissa francis is next. melissa: i'm mel liz is a francis, and here's what's "money" tonight, an $18 million judgment against chevron takes a turn. a judge admits he was bribed. will this puts brakes on overseas corruption or just the cost of doing business? we have an exclusive interview with the top lawyer on the case. can lightning fast internet speed spark an economic boom? tennessee is banking on it. a genius plan hopes to get business flocking to the city. the mayor joins us in another fox business exclusive to explain how. mama mia, frozen pizzas poisen for your body? one says yes, suing nestle and california pizza kitchen for $5 million. can she win? even when they say it's not, it's always about "money. ♪ so this is the top story tonight. shocking new allegations of bribery in a huge $18 billion lawsuit against chevron. an ecuadorian coward ordered the massive set length for damage done by drilling done by texaco later bought by chevron. the judge says he was paid half a million dollars to issue the statement agai
FOX Business
Jan 31, 2013 12:00am EST
will finish this later. we will have you guys back agai. david: friday numbers will be critical. melissa francis is next. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. what did boeing's management know and when did they know it? a new report says boeing was aware of the dreamliner's battery problems all along. so why wasn't anything done? we have a top former air safety official to weigh in on that one. >>> plus gdp growth comes to a screeching hot happen. major reason is because government spending plunged 15%. isn't that a good thing? trying to bring you a silver lining. the power panel talks about. >>> they are helping to soften the blow for its employees. maybe something to suggest to your boss tomorrow. the company's ceo joins us exclusively with the details. even when they say it's not, it is always about money melissa: now on to our top story. a big new twist in boeing's battery problems with the dreamliner and the grounding of all of the 787s after the issue was downplayed at the outset saying it was just growing pains. that every new aircraft experiences. now i
FOX Business
Jan 29, 2013 12:00am EST
, good to have you here. thank you so much. melissa: i am melissa francis and here's what is "money" tonight. it could be the next california. how close is the breaking point and can the taxman save it? the power panel breaks it down. plus, he's in what is going on in salt lake city lately? a group of doctors declared a health emergency warning premature birth and miscarriag miscarriages. the group's leader joins us with the diagnosis. and unusual hand drawn top nba recruits three high-stakes poker tournament. not sure they make great executives. the man behind the plan joins us exclusively to lay out his cards. even when they say this not, it is all about money. so tonight we start with a huge hit to illinois, the critic has been knocked down from an aide to an a- from credit rating agency. now tied with illinois the lowest rating in the country. is our country going down the drain one state at a time, in what state is next? partner along with charles payne payne. i think that is abe lincoln. abe lincoln is here with us. i thought it would be jonathan hoenig. and fox news contribut
FOX Business
Jan 8, 2013 12:00am EST
your fame climbing mountains. climb another one to stay electronics show starting tomorrow. melissa: i am melissa francis and this is what is "money" tonight. are these guys allergic to spending cuts? you will not play the ideas being floated to pay for the pork in washington. today's power panel will be here to crunch the numbers. here is $10,000. allstate insurance lowball the staten island family for super storm sandy damages that did not stop allstate from using their home in a commercial patting themselves on the back. now they're suing an in here to explain why. you probably have too much money when you start to buy solid gold clothing. we have all the details even when they sait is not, it is always about "money." all right, first let's take a look at the market headlines. posting their best week in more than a year. profit-taking largely to blame, the dowel dowell dow fell. the banks acsed of improperly foreclosing on close to 4 million borrowers. in 2009 and 2010. eligible owners get a little bit more than $3 billion in direct payments as part of the settlement. shares of boei
FOX Business
Jan 2, 2013 12:00am EST
and safe and be loved. goodnight. at nder morgan. melissa: pretty refreshing to hear that kind of lodge quick from a ceo, particularly from a an industry giant. speaking of energy industry giants now that the election is over what will happen with the keystone xl pipeline? it is planned to stretch from canada to the gulf of mexico and has been plagued with controversy since day one. construction on the southern leg is underway but the northern section is still up for debate. transcanada hopes its most recently revised route will ease concerns over nebraska's environmentally sensitive sand hills region and i had a chance to ask ceo russ germing to lay out the details. tell me about the route. hopefully we can put the picture up again. there are a quite a few little loops along the way to make sure it doesn't touch this environmentally sensitive area. in a way are you sort of calling the president's bluff, saying, well, we have done everything we're supposed to, now approve it? >> i think we'veone that, we've done everything that we are supposed to do for the wholerocess tha started well
FOX Business
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
to post earnings of 88 cents. revenue of 21.3 billion. keep an eye out for that. melissa: you're up to date. that does it for must. "money" with melissa is up next. melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is what is "money" tonight. jack lew gets the nod for new treasury secretary. senator jeff sessions is outraged and vowing to block lew's senate confirmation. he will join us to explain why. >>> why this flu epidemic is making our economy sick. experts say we're looking at a possible $10 billion hit on the economy from the flu. that is what we need. details are coming up. >>> how much is an oscar really worth to a movie? the 2013 academy award nominees are out. studios dropped 10 of millions of dollars on their oscar campaigns. a top industry expert is here to crunch the numbers. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: we start today with another school shooting. it happened at taft union high school in california. one student was shot. the sheriff says they have one suspect in custody. makes the meetings on gun control today, on capitol hill even more urgent. th
FOX Business
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm EST
tomorrow. see you then. melissa is then. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what is "money" tonight. lance confesses. the fallen super athlete admits he doped to oprah and now his legal nightmare begins. how much could he owe? is his brand still alive? today's power panel kicks into high gear to respond. >> if you give a mouse a cookie he will probably want a glass of higher taxes that is my theory. we're just seeing a hit to our paychecks because of this year's tax increases. now the president says we need to give him even more. we'll tell you how bad it could get. >>> u.s. gas demand has slipped to the lowest level in years but is it really because of fuel-efficient cars or could it be so many people out there are out of work they can't even afford to pay at the pump? we'll get to the truth behind the numbers. even when they say it is not it is always about money. melissa: all right. here's today market moment. mixed economic data led to a choppy trading session for stocks. the dow rallied for a fifth straight session, closing up 27 points. another day for dell shares. fox busines
FOX Business
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm EST
right here on "after the bell". lauren: "money" with melissa francis is next >> i'm melissa francis and here's what is "money" tonight. phil mickelson trying to take a mulligan for his comments on taxes. he will make drastic changes because of california's huge tax hike. what exactly does it mean? is he moving? is he retiring? sportscaster jim gray is sharing hints from mickelson as he joins us. >>> 2012 showed the biggest spike in home prices since the summer of 2006 but there is still time if you want in. we've got the surprising inside scoop what is hot and what's not from coast to coast. >>> iraq stumbles upon a billion barrels of oil they didn't even know they had. we have details whether that could be a global game-changer. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's market moment. a wild ride on wall street today. stocks reversed courses in midday trading with all three major indices ending the session in the green the dow ended up 62 points. travelers insurance reported fourth quarter results. the company still managed t
FOX Business
Jan 21, 2013 5:00pm EST
is coming up teeseven is time for melissa francis and "money" next. thanks for watching. melissa: here is what is "money" tonight. the first governor to find a way to pay for obamacare. those familiar with the conservative republican are surprised to hear the answer is more taxes. this time on hospitals. we will diagnose what this means for you no matter where you live plus the did you know these teeseven has been an entire year since president obama's job council officially made? to as to save the economy. are you happy with how things are going? or power panel is here with what should be happening. for all you brides and grooms to my being the case of cold feet, don't despair. a new company lets you buy and sell your wedding. all you have to worry about is the person elected the altar. the woman behind this new business, even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." all right. we start with the first to announce plans on how exactly it hopes to pay for obamacare. a little bit surprising. republican arizona governor says that the tax increase interstate is the answer. the go
FOX Business
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
.m. eastern tomorrow right here on fox business melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. i knew it!. that 787 is a flying deathtrap. boeing dreamliners are grounded around the world. they say the battery is to blame. why would anyone step foot on the plane again? we'll explain how boeing can recover. >>> that sound is the internet's head exploding. manti te'o gets caught in a internet hoax that is to unbelievable. was he in it all along? that could tarnish his draft. how to sort out fact from fiction. >>> verizon employee showed up to work every day for his six-figure salary even he outsourced his job to china. i'm not kidding about this. we have details how he pulled it off right under the company's nose. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's look at the day's market headlines with today's market moment. weekly jobless claims dropped to a five-year low. housing starts for december hit a four-year high. stocks rallied. s&p 500 closed at its highest level since december 26 of 2007. >>> intel reported fourth quarter earnings just a short
FOX Business
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm EST
. >> money is next. melissa: here's what's "money" tonight. tim guy near -- geithner out the door, and president obama said he was one of the best ever. we have his report card and whether jack lew can do better. may be the end of the union as membership plunges to a 97-year low. there could be one thing to save the union. we have the former chief here to explain, and there's swatting and mansion swatting. a brazillian man just moved himself into a 7500 square foot palace in florida, and legal loopholes could let him keep it for good. you won't believe the story. even when they say it's not, it's always about "money." ♪ we start by saying good-bye to tim geithner and his reign as treasury secretary, hanging up his hat after four years on the job, people questioning what side he was on, a wall street crony, a washington insider. did he do right by the banks or the american people? what do we have to look forward to with his successor, jack lew? money power panel is here to see if he made the grades. penny, a member of the fix the debt committee and a former minnesota congressman.
FOX Business
Jan 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
. melissa up next. david: we will see you back here tomorrow. melissa: i am melissa francis and here's what is "money" tonight. premium spiking 50% for some people. on average, that is. so how quickly will it hit your wallet and the economy? plus, union intimidation hits new heights. a city manager tried to cut pension benefits so they bought the house next door to him to harass him. these tactics are more widespread than you think. the mayor will tell us how he was targeted in a fox business exclusive. coca-cola new ad campaign offers up information like what you can do to burn off the fat and calories from the coke you just drank. will it increase sales or turn off consumers? even if it is not, it is always about "money." ♪ first, a look at the market headlines with the market moment. a mixed bag for stocks to begin the week. the dow ended a choppy day of trading in positive territory gaining 18 points. apple weighed heavily on the nasdaq reportedly cutting the iphone 5 component orders due to weaker than expected demands. and shares of dell soared 13%. the pc maker in talks of a possib
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
and david for letting us sit in. melissa: i'm melissa francis, here's what's "money" tonight. it has now been 1351 days since congress passed a budget. but here at "money" we don't whine. we fix things. today's power panel is here to help bridge the budget divide and finally put the mess behind us. >>> plus is slumming it apple's plan for world domination? the iphone supremacy is waning. there is word a lower end model is in the works. is it proof the phone, the iphone is finally past its sell date? we have the latest details. >>> and you get a comeback. you get a comeback. you get a comeback. lance armstrong agrees to a tell-all interview with oprah, in case you didn't know who i was impersonating there. will this resurrect his shattered brand? even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: all right, first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. alcoa stronger than expected fourth quarter earnings help stocks snap a two-day losing streak. the dow gained 61 points. >>> aig will not sue the u.s. government over its $182 billion bailout. its board of directors refu
FOX Business
Jan 25, 2013 1:00pm EST
-800-345-2550 will help you get started today. melissa: good afternoon. i am melissa francis. lori: tgif. i am lori rothman. [talking over each other] melissa: that is okay. it is friday. one of the largest power generators and distributors in the country on why he is reluctant to rush into cheap natural gas. that is a good one. lori: indeed. one of the largest asset companies. they join us and tell us what they see as a growing threat. our apple ipods and iphones allowed in christopher donahue's house? we will see. lori: time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: it is not easy to keep the kids off their iphones and ipods. not too far off from the 14,000 mark. procter and gamble up. their new 52 week high. these are the names that you think of. when you think energy, 52 week hi there. they did see a decline of 26% in the fourth quarter. they also expected a 2013 rig count to be down slightly. honeywell, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, on the move. it is up 18%. there is a look at honeywell right now. up fractionally right now. kimberly-clark, an
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
lori: nice rally underway. good afternoon, everyone. i am lori rothman. melissa: i am melissa francis. it has been 1351 days since the senate last passed a budget despite the law. they must pass a budget every year. lori: speaking of cash, treasury, budget him a new is jack lu? a man who is likely to be dominated the next treasury secretary. melissa: it is no secret that congress -- even the cardassians. lori: cannot wait to hear the results of that. let's check on the market. it has been 15 minutes since we last checked with nicole petallides. nicole: there are nice gains. we have come off of our earlier highs. still, the dow jones industrials up about 55 points here on wall street. the u.s. dollar also with an up arrow. commodities are pulling back. let's take a look at herbalife. a name that has certainly been in the news since the middle of december. we sell the stock shooting up. this is an 8.2% stake. what you see is that pushing the stock to really jumping. we will continue to follow this and all of this comes on the heel of concerns about herbalife. melissa: thank you
FOX Business
Jan 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
lori: good afternoon. 1:00 here on the east coast. melissa: out with the old, in with the new. the 113th congress sworn in. now the attention turns to john boehner face a tough vote to retain his title of house speaker. we're live on capitol hill with all the latest. lori: a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. yesterday the markets were euphoric, but today not so much. now it is all about tomorrow's critical monthly job numbers. melissa: victims of hurricane sandy still waiting for answers from washington. the congressman who represents the jersey shore will join us on that one. lori: an update on the stock market as we do every 15 minutes, let's check in with nicole petallides. dollar store under a great deal of pressure today, why is that? nicole: they came out with numbers that were disappointing, and with that we have seen the stock down 11, 12% throughout the day. down $7.53. but basically they are not making the margins on the high margin items. instead they're having to sell a lot of consumer bulls and they just don't make as much on those particular items so as result fami
FOX Business
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm EST
lori: good afternoon. i am lori rothman. melissa: hello, everyone. i am melissa francis. we are at 13,945. pfizer pushing us ever closer to a new time high despite an unexpectedly weak reading on consumer confidence. melissa: the new push to turn a tiny island off detroit into a free market utopia. i love this story. lori: let's go to pack your bags, folks. lou dobbs here with us. an agreement that lays down a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow pushing session highs right now. nicole: it certainly is. we are back touching them once again. the nasdaq composite has been one of the three industries that we have followed so closely and it has been in the red. it is down, not even two points. the s&p 500 also setting new highs here. going back to these levels that we have not seen since 2007. let's begin with ford motors. it is down about 5.5%. he talked about europe. that is something that is still plaguing them. they did say that europe still remains a problem. the outlook in the
FOX Business
Jan 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
>> good afternoon. i am melissa frances. >> i am more rothman. of the economy adds 155,000 new jobs the unemployment rate is unchanged at seven point*% but the market is not thrilled. >> one of the nation's largest construction firms had job openings but nobody to fill them. says ceo joins us from kansas city. lori: white take-home pay may be less than previously thought. melissa: president hugo chavez to be sworn in their reports are swirling he may be losing his battle with cancer. now it is time for stocks with nicole petallides at new york stock exchange with the jobs report. >> it looks good. holding above 13,000 ford -- 30,400 with the dow jones industrial average. obviously what a nice run. kicking off 2013 beautifully. helping the 401k to soar. do not get ahead of ourselves but it is now better than expected. but it is the right direction. look at some names of the banking index morgan stanley and goldman sachs are pulling back but they did upgrade city group and with the housing we band of -- route rebound and over a deutsche bank we have seen them do well today. they are u
FOX Business
Jan 11, 2013 1:00pm EST
melissa: happy friday to you. i am melissa francis. lori: and i am lori rothman. we will tell you how to protect your investment. melissa: how worried is business ? u.s. chairman joins us in just a few minutes. lori: boeing 787 dream liner is safe. if boeing stock safe for your portfolio? melissa: if your new year's resolution is to get in shape, this one will hurt. the gym membership, at that price, they better be working out for me. [ laughter ] all right, time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. lauren a sibling that he is standing by. stocks struggling today. >> holding this titrating pattern for much of the session. the dow is up seven points. energy is flat. let's take a look at wells fargo. profits hit a record high. that is good. they are not doing as many mortgages. they are the nation's biggest lender. you can see it is down by one and a quarter percent. cheryl: how did last year's drought play out? jeff: it was pretty wild in here today. five of the past six years, this has been a limit move. take a look at what it was. we had, i think, scott shall indeed, a 26-po
FOX Business
Jan 17, 2013 1:00pm EST
there. cheryl: we have a really good market day for lori and melissa. multiyear highs the s&p, ladies, and a lot of this is ebay. not even financial that we're talking about today, kind of a different story. lori: we will take anything. the dow at 13,600, about the best levels of the day. good afternoon. melissa: boeing dreamliners grounded around the world. can boeing convince customers to jumbo jet is safe to fly? lori: house republicans huddling in williamsburg at their annual retreat to squash internal fighting and hammer out a strategy to deal with the looming debt ceiling. melissa: chaos in algeria, the fate of dozens of hostages is unknown. some reportedly have escaped. fox news middle east analyst and lou dobbs will weigh in. first, time for stocks, let's check with the floor the new york stock exchange, nicole petallides is standing by. the dow just awful session highs, but not having a bad day. nicole: not bad at all. up about 90 points off of the highs of the day. was yesterday a fluke? we had five days of gains, gave back a little bit yesterday and back in the green again.
FOX Business
Jan 31, 2013 1:00pm EST
number, which could happen, but i am thinking monday. we shall see. melissa and lori, have a lot going on, take it away. melissa: we will be tuned in, that is for sure. lori: the market pulling back a bit as the number of americans seeking unemployment aid rose sharply last week. the first-time jobless benefits seekers. the focus squarely on tomorrow very critical january jobs report. melissa: speaking of jobs, problem solved? president obama breaking up his jobs council after two years and a whopping total of four meetings. that is a lot of work. lori: the world's biggest drug makers with the competition from generics keeping them on the hamster wheel. there is good reason to be optimistic on the big pharma stocks. they will tell us why. melissa: and a possible conflict between israel and iraq. lori: an update on the market and this thursday afternoon. 15 minutes since we last heard from it: the new york stock exchange. last trading day of the month. off about 16 points. nicole: this has been a really stellar january. don't forget since 1950, 83% of the time as goes january, so goes the
Jan 28, 2013 9:00am EST
quote on the street." i'm carl quintanilla, with melissa lee, david faber and jim cramer. the dow less than 2% from an all-time high. europe's been getting a lift from some good data today. today u.s. december durable goods.
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Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm EST
melissa: a very good afternoon. i am melissa francis. lori: and i am lori rothman. what to watch for after the bell. overhauling that sec. peter barnes goes one-on-one with the outgoing enforcement chief. melissa: forget the fan traffic. turns out traffic is the hazard. why he is changing course after speaking out. lori: let's get an update on the markets as we do every 15 minutes. specifically, on earnings for us. nicole: there is a lot moving and grooving here on wall street. when you take a look at what revolves around earnings, you see some names on the move. for example, travelers best of the bunch. delta airlines continues to do very well. we are seeing delta up three quarter of a percent. verizon with a down arrow. however, giving their outlook on a conference call for 2013, they were certainly a winner. johnson & johnson, their full-year numbers are not too hot. a couple of things to know is, in the latest quarter they did do well with therapy for hepatitis b, as well as, psoriasis. that is something you will have to watch. lori: thank you. melissa: big tech giants will r
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Jan 23, 2013 1:00pm EST
extension so short-term. it will give lori and melissa a lot to do in the next few moments. lori: thank you. good afternoon. i am lori rothman. melissa: and i am melissa francis. the extension of the debt ceiling. will it make the markets feel any more confident? lori: in the meantime, lou dobbs is here. secretary of state hillary clinton testifying on the benghazi attack. melissa: is the economy and low beer? we have an exclusive interview with the american trucking corporation bill graves. lori: the big apple shrinking? the new trend of micro- apartments in manhattan. 250 square feet. melissa: time for stocks now as we do every 15 minutes. let's head to the floor of the new york stock exchange where nicole petallides is standing by. nicole: i saw pictures of those apartments, i would love to buy one. they actually look very cute. let's take a look at some of the earnings related names. let's start at mcdonald's. it is up about a half% here. they expect the management -- that is not great news there. you can see the up arrow. when you talk about airlines they are up about three and a 3%. g
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